Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.

Consultant in Nassau County, NY

I am a strategic advisor, inventor, entrepreneur, visual artist and adult educator currently living in Nassau County, NY.

• My focus is on advisement that leads to adaptation and transformation. This perspective is especially important in times of crisis and transition.

• My brand of "thinking differently" helps companies, institutions, and communities innovate.

• My interests are in using technology and design to solve complex problems.

• I possess unique skills in knowledge synthesis and translation across disciplinary boundaries.

• I'm also good at solving small technical problems.

• I have lots of experience in helping people figure out how to do things and inventing something from nothing.

I am engaged in the arts, education (instructional design, educational technologies, and distance learning), non-profits, community development, entrepreneurship, business development, change management, as well as the frontiers of specific knowledge domains in scientific research and development.

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Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.

  • Education
    • Teachers College, Columbia University (Ed.D.)
    • San Jose State University (M.A.)
    • Clemson University (B.F.A.)
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